Ever The Procrastinator

So I’ve thought for years hmmm I should write a blog. But of course life passes you by and it never happens. Well now technology makes it so easy that if I procrastinate any longer I don’t think I should be allowed to hold the title of tenacious. 😉

So here goes the life I’ve lived…

where to start? Well ppl usually say at the beginning but beginnings can be so boring they can sometimes be told throughout the story so I’ll start with the beginning of, what I consider, my adult life, and add the actual beginnings throughout.
I was a 17 year old emancipated minor living 300 miles from my hometown. I had been living away from my parents home since age 15. first my aunt and grandma took me in, but my uncle had a bigger place. So when he came back from visiting my crappy biological father in Hawaii, he took me in. Eventually I moved away from my hometown because a guy I was dating for a year was moving. His parents knew I was on my own so they offered for me to move with them. The spontaneous vagabond I am at heart I jumped at the chance for something different.
Ill admit I was not at home because my dad (the one who raised me in my home) snuck in my room, read my diary, and proceeded to kick me out because he read I had slept with my boyfriend my first real crush. I had had a crush on this guy for two years. And he did not do to me anything I wasn’t wanting or prepared for I felt at that time in my life. Of course my dad scared him away and I lost him. Probably a good thing as he turned into a horrible person and an alcoholic.
Now you may be thinking what does a 15 year old girl know about love and relationships and as I sit here writing this I can recall all the thought that went through my head and I still don’t regret anything except how I was treated about my decisions as a child. I feel as if maybe if I felt I had had a good support group growing up, maybe I would have asked questions before making the choices I made but but I’m glad for the lessons I learned from them and so I don’t regret them 🙂 my step dad ironically was a big part of my appreciation in the small part of me that was allowed to be me. He seemed to accept me no matter what crazy episodes I would get myself into. And I think kicking me out was a great thing for me and maybe my parents understood that even back then. I appreciate them more for allowing me to break free than anything they supposedly did for me while I lived with them. It’s like we learned to appreciate each other’s differences better being apart.
Well for now this gives you a clue as to how independent I am. How determined and creative I can be. I’ll tell you many stories along the way as I think of them. Like the story of the day in court I was emancipated. Or the day I won a pageant that I almost didn’t make it to the ceremony. Or the day I got run over by a truck was told it was my fault(I was on a bicycle) and wanted to die from the pain, and the lessons I learned and am grateful for the incident in spite of it all( such a crazy story) many many more. I hope you will enjoy and laugh and cry and empathize and learn the life lessons as much as I did experiencing it. As this (as much bad anyone loves to share their story) is the biggest reason I wish to share it. I think we all have something to share and receive from each other even if indirectly.